Boomtown is not just a festival it’s a journey, and this year I got to embark on the magical ride and travel through chapter 11. I entered the grounds of boomtown this year as a boomtown virgin, I had been given many stories and experiences from other people trying to give me an incite of what lay ahead, but nothing fully prepared me for that weekend. Thursday the 7th of august I entered into a world like nothing I had seen before. 

Boomtown is wild, wacky and wonderful. Nothing seems completely real around you yet almost everything can be related to in one way or another. I was also not prepared for the sheer size of the festival either. I thought I would be able to make a good crack at capturing almost everything as I was there for 4 days, but I didn’t even scratch the surface of what was in store and available for the festival citizens. Boomtown gives you the ability to create your own weekend, your own experience and story, so its was rare to come across anyone who had taken the same journey as one another yet it still felt like a joint experience with those around you. 

Now the weather this year was far from ideal, as many of you know boarmasters had to cancel their festival all together, and boomtown did their best to prevent this from happening. Unfortunately on friday they did have to cut Shy FX’s set short due to weather complications affecting the stages structural safety. This was devastating news to hear as the vibes coming from the crowd for his set were amazing. After this set they did sadly have to close the stage until the next day, as maintenance had to be carried out due to the high winds making the structure on the stage unsafe. 

Since boomtown I have heard a lot of different opinions over what the highlight of the festival weekend was.There were so many amazing aspects of the weekend that choosing one part was near impossible, however my personal favourite part of the weekend was mike skinner's set on saturday night. Once again the streets blew me away. His involvement with the crowd, and his stage presence is just taken to another level that I haven’t yet seen from another act. That having been said, there were so many incredible acts that weekend and it has truly left everyone with the boomtown blues. 

So if you haven’t been boomtown yet I suggest you change this next year and book yourself a ticket, get transported away and have your mind blown for the weekend. 

See you next year boomtown, you will be truly missed until then!