My name is Charlotte, and I have two loves in this world, Climbing and Photography, I have been fortunate enough to earn my living from both these avenues, and it is something I am grateful for every day. 
I grew up in the Chiltern Hills, and photography has been my passion for many years. Whether it is work or play, it generally involves me with a camera in my hand! 
When I was 13, I went to my first gig to see one of my favourite bands. Madness! When I left, I had this dream, which at the time I thought was unrealistic, to be able to photograph them live one day. 8 years later and that dream became a reality! Even though I have achieved this dream, I am still excited for every creative challenge that I am faced with or set myself! 
I have a GCSE and a level 3 BTEC diploma in photography, however I feel it was my drive and passion that drove me to get to the stage I am at now. Since I left education, I have gained seven years of professional experience, I have learned more than I could have imagined, and I have loved every minute of my journey!

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